Three Tips On How To Make A Chore Chart for You and Your Roommates

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If you split an apartment with roommates, you know that it can be difficult to make sure that everyone contributes to the household chores. That is why we recommend using a chore chart. It’s an easy way to designate weekly chores to specific roommates. If you’re looking to create a chart for your roommates, check out our tips before getting started.  

Establish Which Chores Need To Be Done 

Sit down and have an open discussion about which chores need to be completed. Then decide the frequency of each task. Some chores need to be done daily, like cleaning dishes, while others can be completed once a week. Once you’ve completed delegating the tasks you should make sure that all roommates have an equal number of tasks. 

Create A Chart 

Charts are a great way to keep track of who will take care of each task and how often.  Be sure to clearly organize the tasks and responsibilities on the chart so that there is no possibility of confusion. Be sure to display the chore chart clearly in your apartment and make sure everyone keeps it updated.  You can create the chart on a computer or use a dry erase board, which can be easily updated on an ongoing basis. 

 Get Everyone To Participate 

As tasks have been completed, ask each roommate to sign the chart. This will make everyone more accountable for completing their chores.  

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