Try These Workouts Without Leaving Your Furnished Apartment

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Workout apps make it easy for you to squeeze in a workout anytime, from anywhere. Plus, with so many studios, influencers, and companies offering their workouts online, it’s easy to find one that covers the fitness routine that you enjoy. While we’re staying at home, we tried a few of the most popular workout apps out there and wanted to share our favorites. If you’re unable to hit the gym, keep up your fitness regime with us at home. 


Since the company’s launch in 2013, Peloton has taken the home fitness industry storm. Their bikes stream online spin classes daily, but you can also enjoy additional home workouts on their app. Running, bootcamp, bodyweight, yoga, and meditation classes are all available to subscribers, no bike necessary! 


Looking to break a sweat and find your Zen? Download the Yogaworks app, Yogaworks Live. They stream online yoga classes so you can go from Downward dog to Savasana no matter where you are. 


The Sweat Plus app instantly connects you with some of the top female personal trainers in the world, including Kayla Itsines and Steph Stanzo. The app also features a workout and diet plan, allowing you to plan your fitness journey and track progress. There is also a social forum that allows you to speak with other app members. 

Obe Fitness 

With their signature 28-minute classes and 10-minute express workouts, this app is perfect for anyone who wants to break a sweat in 30-minutes or less. With Obe, get instant access to thousands of workout videos, both live and on-demand. 

With so many workout apps to choose from, it’s easier than ever to fit in a workout class from your mysuite apartment. We hope you go ahead and give them a try! 

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