Stay Productive While Working From Your Furnished Apartment

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Stay at home measures have forced a large portion of our workforce to work from home. This marks a sharp and sudden change in daily routine for millions of Americans and many are discovering that it can be quite difficult to stay motivated and complete tasks during this crisis. Times are tough right now, but we have gathered some helpful advice on how to stay focused when teleworking. 

View the best practices when working from home. 

Keep A Routine 

When you’re at home all day and have the freedom to eat, dress, and sleep on your own time, it can be easy to slip out of routine. Instead, be sure to wake up when you usually would during the normal work week, then get properly dressed, and create a daily task list.  

Create A Set Workspace 

Designate one section of your home as your “workspace”, such as a certain desk or room (that’s not your bedroom). It can be difficult to separate your leisure space from your workspace when you telecommute. This will place you in the right mentality when you go to work. 

Set Your Own Hours 

When your day isn’t broken up by a commute or heading out to grab a lunch, it can become more difficult to know when to stop working. Make sure you schedule breaks and regular work hours for yourself. During your breaks, step away from your workspace and perhaps take a short stroll outside or take a 15-minute power nap. This will give your mind some time to refresh and prevent you from work-from-home burnout. 

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