How To Personalize Your Furnished Apartment

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Rent from mysuite and enjoy living in an exceptionally designed furnished apartment that was curated by our own interior design team. Completely turnkey, each of our living spaces features the essentials, saving you the time and money that it would take to purchase furniture, housewares, and accessories on your own. If you’re looking for convenience but want to give your Los Angeles furnished apartments a personalized touch, there is still plenty of ways that this can be done.  

Grab A Few Pillows 

Decorative pillows are by far the simplest way to add a personalized touch to your home. They are a great way to add some color, comfort, and decorative flair to your bed and couch.

Nuture Some Plants 

Plants are a simple way to add a natural touch to your furnished apartment. If you weren’t blessed with a green thumb, consider decorating with succulents or cactus. They require minimal care and come in a variety of sizes. If you are looking to achieve a verdant look with no maintenance, artificial decorative plants are the way to go.

Cue The Lights 

Lights are an easy way to completely change the ambiance of our short-term furnished rentals. Experiment with different colored bulbs, to add a blue, green, or red tint to your room. Or consider getting a customized lamp and get a special photo printed on the lamp cover.

Get Nostalgic 

Memory boards are a cheap and easy way to put a little bit of yourself into your space. Print out some photos that are near and dear to your heart and drape some fabric over a blank canvas. Create a collage of personal photos and mementos and hang it up somewhere so that you see it the moment you wake up. You can also pick up some scrapbooking stickers to add fun flair to your beloved memories.

If you need a fully furnished apartment, check out our communities on We offer furnished housing across Los Angeles with clean minimalistic interiors designed to suit your needs. With these personalization tips, you can update your living spaces so that they are unique to you. Take a tour of our short-term furnished rentals today. 

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