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Why Mysuite Is A Popular Choice For Los Angeles Corporate Housing

Why Mysuite Is A Popular Choice For Los Angeles Corporate Housing

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New career opportunities often signal an expanded future but can also require you to move out of your current neighborhood. Whether you’re starting a job at a new company or being assigned to an impressive project with your current employer, having to move can be extremely stressful, especially when you are focused on your career. Additionally, moving can be expensive, requiring you to pay for items that you move and/or purchase new furniture and housewares. Then, if you can’t find a new apartment right away, or don’t want to commit to a location for a year, a hotel stay will quickly add to your growing moving costs.  

That’s where mysuite comes in, to make your move as convenient and affordable as it can be. Our apartments come fully furnished and are available for short-term leases, giving you the flexibility that you need as a traveling professional. Stay from 1-12 months, or even longer if you wish. With utilities and furniture included in your rent, you will find that we offer an extremely cost-effective corporate housing solution. 

Reducing the cost to furnish your space, our apartments come fully furnished and are designed with you in mind. Our team of in-house interior designers furnish each rental with space-saving furniture that is functional and stylish. You’ll love our interiors so much that it may be difficult to choose the one that you want to rent. Combined with our amazing locations, you’ll have plenty of modern furnished apartments to choose from.  

We have properties dispersed throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area, ensuring every professional in L.A can find a community that’s convenient for them. Many communities are close to major LA freeways, including the I-405 and I-10. With communities in Santa Monica, Westwood, Brentwood, and the Valley, you’re sure to find a space with a convenient commute, no matter where you work in Los Angeles. 

Flexible leases and a wide selection make our luxury furnished apartments a popular choice for professionals and relocation specialists who are looking for corporate housing. We know how to make even a temporary home feel like home. 

Contact us today to learn more about our short-term furnished apartments and corporate housing solutions. 

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